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DIRTY SOUTH REVOLUTIONARIES(new tracks up!& blog),: General Info
Member Since20/12/2004
Band Websitehttp://www.tentcityrecords.com/
Band MembersJOHNNY MOSS-Vocals..... PETE (Muther F*ckin!) AGER-Vocals......... Paul-Bass Drew-guitar Sparrow-Guitar Taddeo-drums(temporary fill in) MICHELE- Mismanagement
InfluencesBlood for Blood, GG Allin, Aus Rotten, Fear, Sepultura, 25 Ta life, Even Angels Carry knives, Hematidrosis, Devil Music inc., Suicidal Tendancies, Zao, Hatebreed, the Exploited, Converge, Pantera, the Business, Madball, Carcass, Agnostic Front, Between the buried and me, Bleeding through, Motley Crue, Guns and Roses, Slipknot, Poison The Well, The Ducky Boys, US Bombs, Choking Victim, American Distress, Social Distortion, Slayer, Hank Willams And Assjack, Johnny Cash, Cradle of Filth, Arch Enemy, Storm Troopers of Death, D.R.I., Tiger Army, Cannible Corpse, Nevermore, F-Minus, Against Me!, Superjoint Ritual, and a shit ton more
Sounds Like"Their attack is structured around a hardcore punk base with touches of old-fashioned metal to thicken things up and solidify the assault. Think of a blend of ANTiSEEN, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, SLAYER, LEFTOVER CRACK, PANTERA, CHOKING VICTIM, GG ALLIN and HATEBREED all wrapped up into super hard-hitting short blasts, these guys do not fuck around. Yeah, it's hostile as fuck!" NO FRONT TEETH review BY: MARCO "Some of this reminds me of old school hardcore, or even some of the offshoot stuff like Cryptic Slaughter, The Accused, Gang Green, etc. Not that its outdated sounding. As a matter of fact, it is off the hook fresh and more aggressive than most things I've mentioned. This is actually probably going to be too heavy for some of the pure punk fans. I'll bet it appeals to some of the more metal crowds. If the scale goes to "10," DSR is a bonafied "11.5"!!!!One of the major stand out points of this band are the dueling double vocals. These two really push the envelope." NEO-ZINE review "This is another band that mix metal and hardcore.This is more speed metal and the vocals are more shouted and screamed. The music is fast and quick and I liked it. " METALCORE review BY: CHRISE FORBES "Out of control punk,hardcore mixed up with plenty of metal and some double base.Kinda crusty to at times. Reminds me alot of the crust bands from the 90’s but more polished and progressive. Some songs are mid paced others are fast others are hardcore" MASS MOVEMENT MAGAZINE "This spastic mother fucker sounds like the Tazmanian devil after doing the mound of coke on Tony's Desk in the movie "Scarface." It's crazy!Dirty South Revolutionaries have come from the blazin city streets of Charlotte, NC to terrorize your young, swipe your beer, and steal your sister!" BACKSTAGEPASS.COM review BY: KRISTIN THECKSTON BUY OUR ALBUM @ http://www.interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=67886&
Record LabelTent City Records.
Type of LabelIndie


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