Destroy Everything

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Cheddar Nines - Vocals
Stiff Mittens - Bass
Señor Citizen - Guitar
Cocoa Hole - Drums
Hanover Fist - Mayhem

Cheddar Nines Señor Citizen
Destroy Everything
Cheddar Nines
Senor Citizen
Stiff Mittens Hanover Fist Cocoa Hole
Stiff Mittens
Hanover Fist
Cocoa Hole

Destroy Everything is a five-piece punk band from Chicago, with a sound derived from Midwest hardcore of the early 1980s overlayed with anthemic melodies of the late 1970s London punk scene and mixed in with a bit of Southern California skate-punk (in other words: catchy songs with a sort of turbo-charged swagger). The band features Cheddar Nines (lead vocals), Señor Citizen (guitar), Stiff Mittens (bass), Hanover Fist (guitar), and Cocoa Hole (drums).
Destroy Everything emerged from the wreckage of two other Chicago-area bands. In 1992 the Insane War Tomatoes, a highly theatrical punk/metal act featuring Cheddar Nines as lead vocalist, played their last show. Around the same time Cigarettes, a folksy, math rock combo founded by Señor Citizen and Stiff Mittens, disbanded abruptly. Momentarily disenchanted with the Chicago music scene, Nines, Citizen, and Mittens began to hang out at Nines' place to fiddle with his motley assortment of recording gear. The boys then settled into a comfortable routine of beer drinking and nonchalant musical tinkering. By 1996 these sporadic jam sessions had evolved into a dedicated musical project
Drawing on their extensive collective experiences in the punk/DIY music scene, DE started releasing records on their own. They did all the recording and mixing at Nines’ house and did the mastering over at Mittens’ apartment on his small, but growing collection of audio gear. The band members all contributed to the packaging and artwork, and in some cases even printed and assembled the packaging themselves. If they could have figured out a way to efficiently replicate all the CDs on their own, they’d have done that too (don’t think they didn’t try). They bartered, begged and cajoled their way into fairly wide distribution with a number of indie distros and began booking tours for themselves to support their releases.
In summer of 2003, they set off on a tour of the US to support their first release Please Help Me, and to promote the upcoming release of their new EP Three Cheers for you. They toured on and off for the next few years, finding time in between road trips to write, record, and release a third record entitled No More Monkeys
In March of 2006 Destroy Everything played a show in Chicago that included Tent City Records artist American Distress on the evening’s bill. Skwert, the drummer for American Distress and also the founder of Tent City Records, expressed an interest in putting out a Destroy Everything record on his label. Happy to let someone else worry about the logistical details for a change, the DE crew set to work on some new material. The culmination of that effort is Destroy Everything’s forthcoming record Freedom of Speech Means Talk is Cheap. This record is slated for release in Spring 2008.

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