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CORNERxEND(support Jakarta Infoshop)
Hardcore / Punk / Thrash

About CORNERxEND(support Jakarta Infoshop)
.. .. This band was formed early years of 2006 which the idea came from Hate and KxKx who wanted to play a kind of Old school HC, they were tried to confirmed with james as a singer and Ikhsan as a drumer. but no longer time or maybe just two time made practice James quit as well, Afterward CMTz replaced the position of James.then their music became faster than before, during a half year first they're just playing in gigs. so, after half a year existing the scene they made a recording.hmmm, but they thought the result still unpleasantly,they're decided not to spread they first demo till the second recording about three months after the first recording they took the second recording with the same songs and the result is first demo although they made thirteen songs they were just made a Cd for free included six songs as a first demo to show up to friends. again, they gone to studio made third recording with a few new songs,but then Ikshan suddenly quit just one day before they played in sukabumi. so, Ek offered himself for playing in Drum as additional player.and thus far till this moment, Ek still playing as, he has been kicking about 2 years with the band.
Currently all the members has been playing in another bands such as Assault, before Down, Green Hell, Nasty, Rotten Vagina 69. which that all has different style.
They was following several compilations local and abroad as a part of contribution for the scene and one split Tape benefit Explontoi from Philippines,Compilation Contribtion part 3, Today Is The Day vol. 1 which it's released by Hate Etc. and there are several project still running in a trust of networking.

Pastinya akan sangat menyenangkan jika kita bertemu di dunia nyata lalu bertegur sapa,diskusi, berbagi dan masih banyak hal yang bisa dilakukan,bukan dengan hanya ber-interaksi di dunia maya saja, jangan buang waktumu disini!"

Band Members
cmtz as singer
kxkx as guitar
hate as bass
ex as drum
Influences .. ..
at the moment we listening to :
Toxic Holocaust/Driller Killer/Hirax/Exodus/Municipal Waste/Anti CimexMalignant Tumor/D.R.I/Black Flag/SS Decontrol/Discharge/Vitamin X/Nuclear Assault/Disrupt/Kontrovers/Unholy Grave/Sex pistol/minor Threat/Migra Violenta/Ratos De Porao/The Toy Dolls/Cock Sparrer/Motor Head/Spazz/Homicide/Take Off/Terserah/Cryptical Death/Antiphaty/NonxAntagonis and other

Record Label corner kids/massacre rec./walk alone rec etc.
Type of Label Unsigned

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