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By visioneyescore “ VISION EYES IS RISE AGAIN IN THE ASHES WITH A NEW SHAPE AND FORM, STRONG THAN EVER TO PROVE OUR QUALITY AND VERY EXISTENCES IN ORIGINALY WHICH BRING HARDCORE FUSE WITH METALLIC BLOW AND ANGER “. Within just a few years they have become of the most potential, important, inspiring, and one of the best bands of the Indonesian metal / hardcore scene. Vision Eyes are five Indonesian musicians who always dedicate, honest, stay true and stand strong for the music and life. Formed in 1999, from the start Vision Eyes has success to fuse between Traditional Hardcore / Hardcore New School with Metallic blow and Anger as their basic foundation which is becoming their tradition in the Indonesian metal / hardcore scene. “ Tears Of Blood “ E.P that released on 2003 was the the beginning of their groundbreaking success across the nation. Countless concert, show, and tours has strengthened their very honest reputation and got them an ever increasing army of Vision Eyes apostles called by Vision Army. Combine between metallic, heavy and precisely guitars also remarkable anthem with emotional hardcore shouting that honest from the heart becoming their mark and leave a scar of their name in Indonesia metal / hardcore scene. Initially seen as a fuse of As I Lay Dying, Hatebreed, and Caliban by the critics of media and the people, Vision Eyes didn’t jump on the metal-core bandwagon recently but rather led the path and way representing that genre also prove their very existences at home and internationally. Their strength and existences has become more ever stronger when full length debut album “ SHATTERED HEAVEN “ hit the store in March 2008, finally opened the door and became an Indonesian metal-core groundbreakers. In this album, honestly show their very high existence of transform into a finest metal-core act which is introducing a new style of post - modern, destructive metallic blow with sense of heaviness, harmony, and melodic without ever denying their very basic foundation of metal and hardcore roots as their tradition. Soon, in Mid 2009, to answer their high expectation of their last album, finally “ SHATTERED HEAVEN SPECIAL EDITION “ had release to the masses both in Indonesia and Internationally via Hatefist Records which was contains 4 unreleased track that never heard before, their hit anthem and single video clip “ For The Dying Hope “ and their live footage in one disc. Althought they’re still not sign with the biggest record company, they still can spread their whole songs via I – TUNES and AMAZON for Internationally market. Actually now, they were inside the studio to records they’re second full length album “ GLORIOUS EVOLUTION “ which still combine a melodic and harmony yet heaviness guitars with MORE destructive metallic blow, anger, and pattern of breakdown. As what they said if in this album is the more mature, transform and more evolution of them that lead them into the glory that everyone can’t imagine and expect. They still not kill what they had ever create from the start and their demands more brutal and more heavy. “ A NEW RAGE OF HARDCORE VOICES FUSE WITH METALLIC BLOW AND ANGER “ is the right sentences to describe what Vision Eyes really are. What’s left to say ?. As Herza always singing the anthem : Let this life runs red We’ll fight for our dying light Let this life runs red Our struggle will remains - Vision Eyes, For The Dying Hope

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