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Description:MOB YUS- the apparatus drummer was involved with a bike crash...Currently @mitted in Bangi WArD 6 Rose Level 2...for more info plz contact armsvett @ 012-654 2403 or Patto @ 012-3010 828 Lets pray hard for a speedy recovery... realeditorbest profile tools
APPÄRATUS - Total Mangel Product MC [Alco Madness Recs]
APPÄRATUS - Another Night Of Holocaust CD [Disarmament Recs]
APPÄRATUS - Total Mangel Product MC [Disarmament Recs] (Ltd 123)
APPÄRATUS /PISSCHRIST - Split 7" [Yellow Dog Recs]
V/A - Loud & Disobedient CD [Disobedience Recs]
APPÄRATUS - 4 Tråkk CDr-EP (self-released)

Band Members Gitarr/Sång - Armsvett
Trummor - Mob Yus
Bås - Pätto

-sång (2001-2004)
Fuct 47
-bås (2001-2003)
Influences DISCHARGE
MOB 47
Sounds Like APPÄRATUS - Total Mangel Product - MC
"Apparatus as fukk", "Hardcore horror", "Crude society system", "Snuten assault", and "Kannibalerna pt.2". Those five, of twelve in total, tracks should, together with the title of this tape, give you a good idea on what to expect from Malaysian Apparatus. Fully blown out thrashcore with a big eighties Scandinavian hardcore influence. But Apparatus are more fucking insane than any of those old bands ever were. At least many of them. A raging tempo, chaotic sound, and fierce female vocals are all ingredients that make this tape a real winner. Shitlickers, Anti-Cimex, and Kaaos are all bands I’m sure get a LOT of playing time at the Apparatus headquarters. This tape is limited to one-hundred-and-twenty-three copies, so act fast. And while you’re at it, make sure you pick up their "Another Night of Holocaust" CD which includes the two EP’s "Raw System" and "Aparat Hardcore" - [ATTACK FANZINE]

APPÄRATUS - Another Night Of Holocaust - CD
"Raw as hell total Swedish hardcore worshippers from Malaysia with insane female vocals. This compiles their both EPs "Raw System" and "Aparat Hardcore". And they do covers of Moderat Likvidation, Rajoitus and Shitlickers, and they do it great! Fuckin’ excellent, excellent I say! - [ATTACK FANZINE]

"Raw and brutal d-beat thrash from Malaysia that sounds more of the likes of Sweden, circa 1982! Fans of early Anti-Cimex, Mob-47, and Moderat Likvidation will love this ( in fact there are covers of Moderat Likvidation, Shitlickers, and Rajoitus songs that are as good, if not better than the originals!"- [PROFANE EXISTENCE]

"Raw Punk da Malasia com fortes influncias de bandas como Shitlickers, Anti Cimex, Svart Parad e Kaaos! 14 temas demolidores com uma excelente voz feminina a liderar o holocausto. Tem ainda 3 covers de Moderat Likvidation, Rajoitus e Shitlickers! Imperdivel!!!" - [ATAQUE SONORO]

"Absolut roher, brutaler und von Bands wie Anti-Cimex, Shitlickers, ... beeinflusster D-Beat Punk mit oberheftigen, bis zum Anschlag wtenden female Vocals. Insgesamt 14 Tracks von 2 verschiedenen Sessions, inkl. Coverversionen von Moderat Likvidation, Rajoitus und eben Shitlickers" - [GREENHELL REC]

"One of the best new d-beat bands Ive heard in yonks! Malaysias APPARATUS rip through 14 tracks ala ANTICIMEX, SHITLICKERS. Pissed off female vocals + covers of MOD. LIKVIDATION + SHITLICKERS. Pretty much one of the better "D-Beat" bands around. For those who are in the dark about the term; "D-Beat" is basically a form of punk rock that builds around the foundation laid by Discharge fast, heavy and some may say, monotonous, version of early-80s English punk rock. This is also the foundation where Swedish-HC was built upon but Apparatus is more like getting back to the basics (a bit like early MOB 47 and the ilk). For those uninitiated, the songs sound similar to each other, all punk-rock in a hurry and rigid in structure but this is heaven to the ones who swear by Discharge’s bulldozer runs. Personally, I like this in short bursts. Can’t listen to it all the time as it quickly blurs into a mass of speeding blur. That said, there are points of very brief respite from the carnage, but only in the intros lah. I saw Apparatus playing at Blue Planet once, with the infamously bad sound system there their performance that day was like one song repeated 20 times. But friends who saw them at the Battle of Disarm show recently said the much updated sound equipment presented Apparatus in a better light than most of the bands playing that day. This I’d like to see. Another Night of Holocaust is a compilation of two prior releases, Raw System EP from 2002 and Aparat Hardcore!!! EP from last year. Out of the two, the Aparat sessions sounds better, much more muscled and driving" - [Joe Kidd of RICECOOKER]
Record Label Disarmament
Yellow Dog
150 PH

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