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NO LABEL is a punk rock band from Jakarta Indonesia formed in 1997, it was apenk ambition to form a punk band, since he know and heard many punk music from 80's to 90's, and become a punkers since high school after graduating from high school and begin to college he meet a new guy from first time college, his name's isan, they're both have a similarity basic in listening the punk music. suddenly apenk appear some idea to recruit isan and form a band, and they both agreed to create a band call INHALER
(what a fuck weird name ..)

begin to recruitment the other members, apenk trying to recruit fatulo on vocal and dewex on bass, the early formation have started to play songs such like NOFX, BAD RELIGION, LAG WAGON, DESCENDENTS but in the same time appear invasion of European bands that carried by lost & found records, their like style a punk band called NOT AVAILABLE from Germany and finally they're decided to cover their songs, the rhythm position is still empty, isan try to recruit old high school friend name teddy, start Inhaler practice, but what the fuck! who's suspected first gigs is not easy and good as can they imagine, first show ... fever stage, placed in second time, drop in a sound ... after the garbled prime show of inhaler isan decided to pull out from inhaler and join with teddy to the reunion band called pandoraz now switch the name call "Kuro!". is not easy to find a drummer player at the time, especially for the music they play. dewex recruit his friend named kodil, and kodil join to the band and fill the drum position, and apenk try to recruit his college friend name qibenk to fill the rhythm position.

the end of september in 1998, apenk trying to start from beginning, make band call INHALER is a mistake, that's so many bands at that time with the same name, apenk trying to change the name from inhaler to NO LABEL not because they have influence and so much like with not available then they're change the name almost same but in fact the meaning is different at all. start to learn from the past and saw many a lot of local bands they're trying to full practice for almost a year and also learn the characters sound of punk that they're have heard, after learning some process to being a good band, they're try to make their own songs, and make to recorded.
in several months qibenk was pull out from NO LABEL because he must completing studies, the rhythm position temporarily filled by additional, from introduce the music they're have good response obtained from good friends who's support it, even though they feel play music with poor skill, but finally they're create a mini album, through the short process of recording they have a 10 song mini album with title "huaaa ..!!" with the poor of sound results less and no mature (slashing capital, they try to offer an indie label records, finally Pinball Records agree to contracted for the first 400 copies.

in early 2000 NO LABEL first debut mini album out on indie market at the time. feel have something to introduced, they're trying to participate in jakarta underground gigs. many experiences that they felt from the struggle of the audition, be reproached, ignored, play with poor sound, playing without charge certain and else.

in 2002 agung from PROJECT 13 replaced the rhythm position. the skinny man who's like from beginning NO LABEL came up and practice at some studio that obviously was agung place. agung began to enliven atmosphere music of NO LABEL at that time.

in 2003 was a year of surprising is beyond allegations the three of NO LABEL personnel is pull out from the band, kodil, dewex and agung has left the band with respective their reasons, it's very be pitied when they're ready preparing for second album, the struggle is useless, only apenk and fatulo still exist. felt was build this band, apenk apparently not despair, he start recruiting yusek to replace dewex position for bass and Ali from SPEAK UP to replace agung position for lead guitar and Anton from FAST CRASH to replaces kodil position for drum, three of new personnel has join with NO LABEL and affect a lot of NO LABEL music.

the formation of NO LABEL in 2005 is fatulo on vocal, apenk on guitar, bass on yusek, ali on guitar, drum on anton, start more practice and also completed their songs for the second album pending, running of the time the band have got surprise again fatulo has plan to get married and he also must have life in difficult choice between family and the band, and finally he's willing to pull out from NO LABEL. the end of the story ?.... Nope!

in 2006 apenk start to continue the band, he try to make NO LABEL more simple, he want NO LABEL is a small band from jakarta that can be known by everyone, or all around Indonesia perhaps, try to sing and play guitar apenk decided to reform NO LABEL for only 4 people, writing songs, practice in weekend, work, gigs, and family is the activity of NO LABEL right now, Anton has decided to select NO LABEL as one of the band after he married, he showed some dedicated attitude with NO LABEL and it was an honor for apenk, and yusek has dedicated all to NO LABEL only, meanwhile ali still should share the feeling with the old band. and story too short ali had cooperation with NO LABEL for long time but he must decided too, between family and the band, and he had choose to focus with one band at the time that was difficult choice for him, and he choose SPEAK UP after all, apenk and friends truly understand what he want it and now ....

the position of lead guitar has been replace by nerdy punk guy named ayie, guitarist from punk rock metal band call WORST CASE SCENARIO has recruit based of audition from NO LABEL inventions. and now they're ready to prepare the next material album.

so ... keep punk rock elite guys!

for story in indonesia please read from the blog thanks!


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