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Member Since30/10/2005
Band MembersImage hosting by Photobucket
Ake: Guitar & vocals

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Chrille: Drums

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Johan: Bass

Former members:
Jugga – vocals (2006-2007)
Jugga – bass,vocals (1982-86)
Tommy – vocals (1986)
Robban – vocals (1985)
Mentis – vocals (1984)
InfluencesPoison Idea, M.D.C., Gang Green, Crucifix, Minor Threat, Jerrys Kids, Terveet Kädet and Neos....
Sounds LikeMob 47
Record Label
Type of LabelIndie

The year was 1981. The band was Speedy Snails. We were Chrille (then on bass), Åke (guitar) and Jögge (vocals) along with two others putting out a sound mixed between hard rock and punk. In the summer of '82 bands like Discharge, Varukers and Chaos UK among others had great influence on us. Unsuccessfull in convincing the other members to give in to the hardcore punk sound, we started a new band called Censur. Chrille took on drum duties and Jögge picked up the bass. The band made it onto the the Xentric Noise Tapes compilation cassette Grevious Musical Harm with two songs.

In the fall of '83 Mentis joined forces as lead vocalist and the band changed its name to MOB 47, releasing the 11 song cassette Hardcore Attack. We had developed a stronger taste for American hardcore, being influenced by bands such as Poison Idea, M.D.C., Gang Green, Crucifix, Minor Threat and Jerry's Kids. Also Neos from Canada, and Finnish band Terveet Kädet were big influences.

In the beginning of '84 we became a three piece act again as Mentis was fired. In April we recorded 22 songs on a rented portable studio of which nine ended up on the Kärnvapen Attack EP. The record, printed in 466 copies received great reviews in the American hardcore magazine Maximum Rock 'N' Roll. Soon after an additional 1200 copies were printed. It was also re-released in '89 by Uproar Records. Four of the songs ended up on the Swedish compilation album Really Fast Vol 2, and seven of them on Pushead's compilation album Cleanse The Bacteria.

All of our recordings are made in Bowlingstudion which is actually the rehearsal space we had in a bowling alley owned by Åke's parents. All recordings after Kärnvapen Attack are made on a four channel portable studio Åke bought. This mini studio was also used by Crudity, Röjers, Protes Bengt, Discard and Ur Funktion (later know as Svart Snö).

There weren't many hardcore bands in the Stockholm area in 1985, so we decided to gather what few bands there were on a compilation cassette called Stockholmsmangel. Ourselves and Crudity used Bowlingstudion and Agoni recorded at their own place. According to some, this time period was the band at our best, with unbelievable tightness and a really fast D-beat "mangel".

Again we tried being a four piece. This time with Robban on vocals. We did a few gigs and recordings together but Robban didn't have the same enthusiasm as the rest of us and left after only a few months. Tommy from Crudity took his place and we did some great gigs, among them an outdoor concert in Långholmsparken.

Later that year Jögge quit, and the band dissolved not long after.

Almost 20 years later we decided to get together again. The 2005 line up consisted of Johan - bass, Jugga (Jögge) - vocals, Åke - guitar and Chrille – drums. We recorded some new material in the summer of '07 and plan to release an EP in the beginning of '08. In October '07 the Kärnvapen Attack EP from 1984 was re-released by Havoc Records.

In November 2007 Jugga decided to leave the band making MOB 47 a three piece once again, just like the old days. Back to attack!

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