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About Antidote

- Start of Antidote
- 1st show
- 1st 7" "Bounce the Bouncer", self-recorded and released on our own label Injection Recods, 100 copies
- (mini-)tour with External Menace through Germany
- 2nd 7" "Let's get drunk" self-recorded and self-released (Injection Records), approx. 1250 copies
- European tour with The Casualties
- 1st full-length LP/CD "My Life" on Charged Records
- European tour with Die Strohsäcke
- US Eastcoast-tour with The Casualties
- Antidote-Worhäts split 7" on Attack Records
- European tour with The Casualties and Zero Tolerance
- second full-length "Go Pogo" as 10" on Dirty Faces
- US Westcoast/mid-west tour with The Casualties, The Virus and Endless Struggle
- benefit 7" called "De Blauwe Moet Blijven" (De Blauwe has to stay). All benefits of this ep were for a big squat in our hometown Den Haag called De Blauwe Aanslag. De Blauwe Aanslag was at the time threatened with eviction after being squatted for over 20 years. We had been practising in this squat since we started in '96.
- European tour with Dutch skapunkband Beans
- release of Go Pogo as LP/CD on Charged Records, release of CD-version on Dirty Faces
- US Eastcoast-tour with The Virus
- re-release of "Let's get drunk" 7" as a picture disc on Dirty Faces
- re-release of "My Life" as a picture disc LP/CD on Dirty Faces
- European tour with Disturbance
- split 7" with N.Y.Rel-x on Dirty Faces
- US Eastcoast-tour with The Krays (august 2002)
- "Back in year zero" LP/CD on Dirty Faces
- intensively gigging in europe, especially Holland
- Eastern Europe tour in July/August
- US Westcoast tour with Casualties and Lower Class Brats
- split single with Seein' Red. All tracks and artwork are in Dutch, even bandnames (Antidote = Tegengif)
- 10 day euro tour with LowerClassBrats
- new lp/cd recorded
- couple of Russian dates played, all Dote records released in Russia
- 4th lp/cd "Another dose" released July 3rd
- New LP/CD, No Communication on Dirty Faces (LP + CD), Rodent Popsicle (LP + CD), Neuroempire (CD only)
- 10 day European tour with Gewapend Beton & Monster Squad in February
- US tour with Mouth Sewn Shut (East Coast dates) and Dreadful Children (West Coast dates)
Band Website
Band Membersarne - bass + vocals
jaeque - drums
joris - lead guitar
bart - guitar + vocals
huib - huib
Influenceswe're influenced by a whole range of bands, from early punkrock to eighties hardcore and punk, way too many to mention.
we all have a weak for old dutch punk, and although we play fast punk, we're listening to lots and lots of 77-punk

please note:
Even though we try to keep this myspace up to date, the most accurate info will always be posted on So if you want to know anything, about shows, want to email us or whatever: GO TO THE BAND WEBSITE, NOT MYSPACE.

- Showlisting on the website is always the most accurate and recent
- We will always reply to any email sent through the website
- We will try, but can not guarantee an answer to mysapce messages

Thank you.
Record LabelDirty Faces
Type of LabelIndie

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