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10 YEARS OF THE GLORYBOYS!! It was started back in the early 1998 in suburban neighborhood of west jakarta city,south meruya.when the kids decide to started the fun and ruck it on.and it all started while all the kids are just about in highschool.,Growing in the same neighborhood. solving the childhood problems together.smockin, drinkin and cought in the fight of autorithy things and all the pleasure joy of being good blue film fans offcourse.hahaha. Basiclly we've been pals from the age of 8 since the kids on our aged meet to play football everyday in afternoon. And in the eaged of 14 the kids started to listening punkrock music such as sham 69, sex pistols, the clash, blitz,the partisan etc. and have made a first band called "SUBCULTURE". form by dlont(g),teddy(d),ryan(v),ossy(rip)(g),me(thug)(v),and Onet(g),Apearred first action gig on west in charged again 1997 cover sham 69 songs, in accros the way ossy died and things dont quit right for everyone on that day so after several gigs to blow we decide to shut it all down. And in the very latest of 1997 in the passion of sham69, cock sparrer, menace, cockney rejects.and toydolls and all the first and second wave of punk in england, the kids (me(thug)(v),dlont(g), and onet(g)) wanted to makin the big noize and unite again in the flag of oi!. joined by hedot on drums and edi gb on bass. but with the new name and new attitude inspired by the toydolls song we called our self "FIREYJACK" The reason we choose this name because it has smiliar mining with something that so western wannabe thing to its a tribute for the world that day which everybody wanted to be bad as west culture about.its about beeing metropolis thing and rule for our mates who shortly called himself t- jack,a kid with bit of ultraviolent childhood problems attitude. so this once for him too.hahahha But in the mid 2003 we ve evoluting our self become fireyjak, the reason is we just wanna sound more as an east people but still yup this is the truth we comin from this old stinky,firey jakarta city that always burn about everything from the weather to the manner. We like to support out local football team PERSIJA so much as we like playing football as a culture in the neighborhood. On years to years of our career we ve been playing in many a different gigs for jakarta D.I.Y Punks moslty cause we playing in every places we like and we want, from the football terraces gig party to the punkrock anti sponsored gig as long as were welcome for everyone, and not being fooled by all those people who've covered on the angel mask with hidden agenda. Well this is what makes oi!music quite intresting to choose as an way of life we lived, a friendship standing for the neighbour, football culture, a rocknroll passion.and the drinking thing offcourse its quite fit in the neighborhood sittuation were we standing. So when it talks about fireyjak is always about being friendship family kids, rockandroll passion football and the real whole story living that happened in jakarta. We maybe dont run so fast .or we re not that slikybastard on extra tounge and seduce people to do more gigs to everyone often.or always get u down wanting to see us came but we dont.hehee But we still make a noize and don t u worried about.cause this is still our pleasure but still our life, our part, our music, our hearts and hopefully our second best houses ever. as the kids saying wishes, years capture time, and time proof history, but we still couldnt believe we came this way so far.still with this same shirt and same shoes.hahaha Basiclly its just a bollock of us 'cause we're just an ordinary boys, were just same boys like you, but thanks to the kids that always carry and fly the banner of us in every situation and every kind a way.we owe u lads a thousand big hug and tons of litre of ladger. (yeah). the only thing to proud of being fj is we dont like fishing and we're never being a trendy for sure. well this is our short 10years story for everyone, glad to be a part of something. and for all the things we still couldnt be part of or being bad on your cruel prespective eyes behind your stupid glasses and your smarted mind, so call us fuck or call us thugs or you can call us the fireyjak.hahaha. Bravo thug/fjlads

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