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About Antipathy
Antipathy is an original band with great passion and ability. Their explosive live sets and high energy stage antics keeps eager crowds on their toes in anticipation of beats and tones that stir up emotions with every note. The sound is best described as fresh, exhilarating and explosive. The bands style features a very versatile prominent funky jazz influence but still keeping it hard and heavy very much in the line of the nu-metal vane. The Cape Town based band have been actively gigging since 1999 with three of their original members remaining, through recruit, new drummer Chris Slabber has joined the band late 2005 bringing a fresh new sound adding electronics. Antipathy has been impressing fans, media and critics alike on every occasion, winning several battle of the band since 2004 to the Young Guns final round at Knife Fight festival in 2005, opening for one of South African top rock act The Springbok Nudegirls at the Grahamstown national arts festival while on tour in June, and performed at Woodstock 2004 on the Bluntstage. They have interviews in most local News papers and articles written by youth culture and music magazines. Antipathy has released their self titled debut album in late 2004. The band have had their share on various national radio station such as Barney Simons Night Zoo-5fm, Rsgs Tempo, Tuks FM and Varsity radios aswell. Their song and music video One Monet has been the bands break through to get the publics attention, and also reached great hights on Websites such as, Mweb, and a few underground punk hardcore sites. The band contrary to the name Antipathy, spreads a very positive message and focuses on the upside of life. The beginning of this band was the discovery of a sound and message we wont be able to understand but only experience Christopher Steyn (bassist) is endorsed by Laney and Cort. Dawie Bester (guitar) is endorsed by Laney and Jackson guitars

Influences:Red Hot Chilli peppers / Mr. Bungle / Audio Slave / Judas Priest / Sikth / Rage Against the machine / Metallica / Guns 'n Roses / Depeche Mode

Sounds Like:Hard rock Jazz funk : Audio slave mixed System of a Down, with Mr.Bungle and a touch of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Jimi Hendrix, Sikth,

Record Label:Independent

Type of Label:Major

Band Members:T.G. van Zyl
Age: 22
Instrument: Vocals
Occupation: Finacial Advisor
Contact Details:

Dawie Bester
Instrument: Guitar

Christopher Steyn
Instrument: Bass

Chris Slabber
Instrument: Drums, other electronica

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